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Becoming a State Democratic Assembly District Delegate

Opening Prayer Rev. Jesse Land of Allen Temple Baptist Church.
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Assembly District Election, are held January in odd-numbered years. Persons eligible to participate shall be registered Democrats residing in the Assembly District. You are eligible to run only in your district, and only the voters who live in your district can vote for you. Check with your elected officials to be sure of the boundaries of your district or visit: Assembly election shall elect fourteen members, equally divided as possible between seven men and seven women. Start early networking with clubs, organizations and associating with church members in your district.

Visit the state party’s website, one before the odd year. Each state provides the process clearly explaining how to participate in the process and the deadline. The first step is filling for a delegate position (declaration of candidacy) filing forms with the State Democratic Party. Assembly District Election Meetings and location will be posted on the party web-site. Please beware of the deadline, and confirm receipt of your filing prior to the deadline. You may also run for executive board member, but before you do, understand what all is involved before running for that position.

Finally, whether or not you are successful in becoming an elected delegate, you can get appointed by your elected officials such as Congressional and Assembly District Representative.

What should delegates do? Community outreaches, involving the concerns of your constituents, campaign, recruit, train/develop joint events, and building a vibrant community.

What else can you do? You can volunteer at our state convention which are twice a year. We also have democratic clubs in your area you can join now.

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