Club Leadership

President, Ed Hernandez

Ed is a lifelong Democrat who recently served on the San Leandro City Council from 2016-2020 and currently is an appointed public official with the Eden Health District while serving on various boards in Alameda County. Ed has lived in San Leandro since 2004, where he and his wife are raising their two daughters, sharing the importance of community involvement through their parish and service to the community and neighborhood. Ed has a Bachelors in Financial Management, a MBA in Strategic Management, and a MS in Organizational Development. Ed enjoys hustling cookies for his daughters during Girl Scout cookie season, running, cycling, and playing golf.


Vice President, Corina Lopez

Corina is a San Leandro City Council member and member of the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee. She also serves on the Alameda County Fire Advisory Commission and the San Leandro Improvement Association Board.



Secretary, Leslie Robertson

Leslie joined the SLDC to be of service to her community. She can’t sit back and wait for someone else to do what she think is important for our city and Democrats of San Leandro. She has served as a National Delegate for the Obama campaign and a State delegate in Barbara Lee’s district. She recently served on the city’s Community Advisory Budget Task Force.  Leslie and her husband have raised a family and lived in San Leandro for 27 years.

Treasurer, Monique Stevenson

Monique became involved in politics her first year of college in 1963 and spent many hours on picket lines marching for civil rights. She served as treasurer of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee, chair of the 2nd District Congressional and Assembly District Caucuses and as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1980 for President Jimmy Carter – still one of her proudest moments in politics. She has continued as an active volunteer on presidential and local campaigns and joined the San Leandro Democratic Club when it was started in 2016 and is now in her fourth term as its treasurer. Monique grew up in San Leandro and is a graduate of San Leandro High School and San Francisco State University. She sings in the Oakland Symphony Chorus and serves on the Oakland Symphony Board of Directors. She retired from Del Monte Foods in 2010.

Membership Director, Jim Prola

Jim served on San Leandro City Council from 2007 to 2017, and as Vice Mayor from 2013 to 2016. While there he served on the Airport Committee, City/School Districts Joint Committee, Joint Oakland-San Leandro Committee, Finance Committee and Rules Committee. While on the City Council he was able to bring in a Living Wage Agreement, a Community Workforce Agreement and a Minimum Wage Agreement. Jim was a delegate to 17 Democratic State Conventions and helped start the SLDC. He also served on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, as well as the California State Democratic Committee. He coached youth sports and is a board member and Political Chair of AFSCME C57 Retirees. A little-known fact about Jim is that he once marched with Caesar Chavez!

Member at Large, Robin Torello

Robin Torello has served with the Alameda County Democratic Party organization from 1993 to present, and from 2001-2020 as its Chair. Over her term, she has helped shape our local Party by recruiting and electing qualified Democrats to office; registered residents as Democrats so that Alameda County is now one of the “Bluest” counties in the United States; and worked to ensure our County’s Democratic voter turnout is some of the highest in the State so our County can impact the passage of important measures, legislation and policies that will benefit our communities.

Chair Torello has also served with the California State Democratic Party since 1993.  Further, she helps organize the United Democratic Campaign headquarters in Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, and other unincorporated areas along with San Leandro and Hayward during election years. She resides in San Leandro and is finally retired.

Member at Large, Craig Williams

Craig Williams was recruited to California by the National Toxics Campaign as a Community Organizer in neighborhoods down-wind from the West Coast’s biggest polluter.  The goal was to both win environmental rights as well as organize one of the first multi-racial environmental coalitions in the country.  Craig also wrote the initial party building resolution that passed at the DNC and State Democratic Party conventions. He was also past president of the Hayward Demos and as a candidate for the Democrats Alameda County Central Committee his slogan was “An old guy with new ideas.”  

Before coming to California, Craig had a significant hand in the Massachusetts Superfund and Right to Know campaigns as well as doing key research and lobbying on a successful pro consumer auto insurance legislation.He also doubled the membership of the Massachusetts Tenants organization while serving as their outreach director.