The San Leandro Democratic Club was founded in 2016. The mission of the Club is to bring information and support to San Leandro Democrats and local Democratic Candidates. The Club has met this mission by hosting forums for candidate endorsement, climate, education, local political issues, and the right to vote post incarceration. The Club holds monthly meetings at the main library on the 4th Thursday, except in August and November, and continually seeks to maintain a presence at local events.

Helena Straughter, the Club’s first President, was instrumental in forming the Club and guiding it to viability. Other members who helped in the formation of the Club were Leslie Robertson, Monique Stevenson, and Jim and Diana Prola. The inaugural officers were:

Helena Straughter, President,

Ken Pon, Vice-President,

Monique Stevenson, Treasurer, and

Secretary, Leslie Robertson.

Helena Straughter served as the President for four years (2016-2020). She was followed by Melissa West as President (2020-2022) with David Reagan serving as Vice-President. The current President is Ed Hernandez with Corina Lopez as Vice-President. Monique Stevenson and Leslie Robertson have continued to hold their elected positions throughout all three administrations, while Jim and Diana Prola have served in various positions on the executive committee. Membership in the club is at an all-time high of 114 people and continues to grow.